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Welcome to my world

Here you will find a collection of things which interest me personally. One component is an archive of the Damian Dempsey tabs I created over the years and hosted on various domains. The old domains are mostly defunct now, but I hope this will still be a resource for those interested in playing his music! I plan to try and re-style it inline with everything else. The other part will mostly be software and technology related! I'm sure I'll probably throw in a few un-related musings too :)


I'm an Irish software engineer, currently living and working in northern California. My biggest interests lie in music and technology, I try and let them cross paths as frequently as I can. I've been playing guitar for 20years, and programming for almost as long too. I'm fortunate enough to have a career in consumer digital audio and video sofware and get paid to do things I love.

I plan to streamline all of the content on this site over time, but for now nothing visually matches up. I have installed wordpress for posts/commentary until I can finish my database code and migrate the content over! So please excuse the very poor aesthetics!



My main technoogy interests cover both hobby interests and my professional career. Digital audio and video have been my focus since I was a teenager and I've been very lucky to be able to persue a career related to these areas. My day job involves programming in C and C++ on desktop windows, and embedded linux. The focus of the software is real time encoding and delivery of audio and video. My software hobbies don't deviate very far, experimenting with alogrithms in C, data delivery protocols, and various digital audio projects.


This content started many years ago as just a collection of pdf's that I created. I posted them on damiendempsey.com where they proved popular. I kept creating more of the tabs on hosted them in a few different places. This is the latest archive :) I still have a few unfinished one's, I'll get to them at some point!


I will have my resume/cv here, and some contact details.

To Do

  • Fix the styles/visuals from the old and new content
  • Finish the database for posts and comments (currently wordpress)